Types Of Turbochargers

In the quest for maximizing your vehicle’s power and efficiency, turbochargers stand as a compelling solution. At Autonic Turbo Diesel, we take immense pride in being your trusted source for top-quality turbochargers, offering a diverse range of options tailored to meet your unique performance needs. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the world of turbochargers, shedding light on nine distinct types and how each can transform your vehicle’s performance.

Single Turbocharger - The All-Rounder:

Autonic Turbo Diesel’s single turbochargers are the workhorses of the automotive industry. They strike a perfect balance between power and efficiency, making them ideal for everyday vehicles. With Autonic’s single turbochargers, you’ll experience a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque without sacrificing fuel economy.

Table Of Content

  • Single Turbocharger – The All-Rounder
  • Twin Turbochargers – Double The Thrill
  • Variable Geometry Turbocharger – Precision And Efficiency
  • Twin-Scroll Turbocharger – Lag No More
  • Electric Turbocharger – Instant Boost
  • Compound Turbocharger – Heavy Duty Performance
  • Mechanical Turbocharger – Uncoventional Power
  • Axial Flow Turbocharger – The Rare Gem
  • Centrifugal Supercharger – High Performance Marvels
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Twin Turbochargers - Double the Thrill:

For those seeking extra power, Autonic Turbo Diesel’s twin turbochargers are the answer. These dynamic duos consist of a smaller turbo for low-speed performance and a larger one for high-speed power. This setup provides an exhilarating powerband across a wide range of engine speeds, ensuring a thrilling driving experience.

Variable Geometry Turbocharger - Precision and Efficiency:

Autonic Turbo Diesel’s VGTs offer adjustable vanes, optimizing your engine’s performance across different speeds. Diesel engine enthusiasts will find these perfect for improved responsiveness and efficiency. With VGT technology, you can expect precise control over boost levels, leading to reduced turbo lag and enhanced towing capacity.

Twin-Scroll Turbocharger - Lag No More:

Eliminate turbo lag with Autonic Turbo Diesel‘s twin-scroll turbochargers. Designed for 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines, they provide excellent low-end torque. These turbochargers utilize two separate exhaust inlet channels, ensuring a rapid response when you step on the gas pedal, making them perfect for sporty and agile driving.

Electric Turbocharger - Instant Boost:

Autonic Turbo Diesel’s electric turbochargers are at the forefront of modern technology. With an electric motor spinning the compressor wheel, they provide almost instant boost, perfect for hybrid and electric vehicles. The electric turbocharger technology from Autonic offers unparalleled responsiveness, delivering power right when you need it for a dynamic and efficient driving experience.

Compound Turbocharger - Heavy-Duty Performance:

 Ideal for heavy-duty applications, Autonic Turbo Diesel’s compound turbochargers use multiple turbos in sequence. A smaller turbo spools up quickly, while a larger one takes over at higher speeds. This setup provides a substantial increase in torque and horsepower, making it a popular choice for demanding tasks like towing heavy loads and off-roading adventures.

Mechanical Turbocharger - Unconventional Power:

Rare but intriguing, Autonic Turbo Diesel’s mechanical turbochargers are powered externally. This unique design finds applications in aviation and niche automotive sectors. Mechanical turbochargers offer consistent and precise performance in environments where traditional turbochargers may not be suitable, making them a preferred choice for specialized industries.

Axial Flow Turbocharger - The Rare Gem:

 Autonic Turbo Diesel’s axial flow turbochargers follow a unique flow path. Though not commonly used, they find their place in specialized applications, like certain marine engines. With their distinctive design, axial flow turbochargers are capable of efficiently delivering boosted air to specific engines and applications, often with a focus on marine propulsion.

Centrifugal Supercharger - High Performance Marvels:

Autonic Turbo Diesel offers centrifugal superchargers, which, although not traditional turbochargers, use a similar principle for impressive power gains. These are commonly used in high-performance and aftermarket applications. Centrifugal superchargers offer a straightforward means of increasing engine power, often appealing to enthusiasts seeking significant horsepower gains without compromising engine reliability.


In conclusion, Autonic Turbo Diesel provides a comprehensive range of turbochargers to suit various engine configurations, performance goals, and applications. Whether you’re looking for everyday efficiency or high-performance thrills, Autonic Turbo Diesel has the perfect turbocharger to help you unleash your vehicle’s full potential. Contact Us And supercharge your ride!


A turbocharger is a device that forces more air into an engine to improve its power and efficiency.

It uses exhaust gases to spin a turbine, which drives a compressor to force more air into the engine.

Turbochargers increase an engine’s power, torque, and fuel efficiency, allowing for better performance.

Yes, there are various types, including single, twin, VGT, electric, and more, each suited for specific applications.

Turbo lag is the delay between pressing the accelerator and the turbo delivering power. It can be reduced using technologies like VGT or twin-scroll designs.

No, turbochargers are used in a wide range of vehicles, from everyday cars to heavy-duty trucks.

Turbochargers should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, primarily focusing on oil and air filter changes.

Not all vehicles can be retrofitted. It depends on the engine’s design and whether it can handle the increased stress and heat generated by a turbocharger.

Turbochargers can improve fuel efficiency by allowing engines to burn fuel more completely. However, this depends on the driving style and engine design.

Autonic Turbo Diesel provides a wide range of top-quality turbochargers to suit various needs, ensuring you get the best performance from your vehicle.

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