Turbo charger

Looking for a turbo? We have a wide selection of turbos for sale – including recon turbos and turbochargers. Shop today and get your car running like new again, with our automotive turbochargers and component supplies from top OEM manufacturers.

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New Turbochargers

We supply brand-new genuine turbochargers to clients all over South Africa.

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Reconditioned Turbos

We sell reconditioned turbos that are 100% OE standards, for a wide range of motor vehicles.

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Turbo Diagnostics

The diagnosis and repair of all turbocharger-related problems including power loss, turbocharger lag, exhaust smoking, and turbocharger noise.

Every turbo from Autonic Turbo Diesel is always 100% OE compliant. As a result, we stock brand new and rebuilt turbos that are OE standards, for a wide range of motor vehicles. Not only but also, diesel heavy commercial applications, and passenger vehicles such as.

  • VGT—Variable Geometry Turbocharger. (Cummins/Holset)
  • VNT—Variable Nozzle Turbine (Honeywell/Garrett).
  • VTG—Variable Turbine Geometry (BorgWarner and ABB).
  • VG—Variable Geometry turbocharger (MHI).
  • VGS—Variable Geometry System turbocharger (IHI).
  • VTA—Variable Turbine Area (MAN Diesel & Turbo.

Turbo Pretoria

Looking for a turbo in Pretoria? We have a wide selection of turbos for sale – including recon turbos and turbochargers in Pretoria. To add on, we are the leading supplier of turbo chargers & turbo kits in Pretoria, taking pride in ourselves on supplying quality products and outstanding customer service. # Pretoria Turbochargers

Recon Turbo

As a recon turbo specialist, we have the expertise and experience to help you get the most out of your turbocharged engine. Whether you’re looking to improve performance or simply want to maintain your car’s turbo system, we can provide the guidance and support you need. With over 10 years of experience, I can help you keep your turbocharged engine running at its best.

Turbocharger for sale

Furthermore, we offer a variety of turbochargers and component kits from top OEM manufacturers. Our selection of automotive turbochargers is second to none, and we are confident that we have the right option for your needs. Please contact us to learn more about our products and services.

Supercharger vs Turbocharger

A turbocharger and a supercharger both compress air that is entering the engine, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen available to burn fuel. This process results in more power being generated by the engine. Moreover, turbochargers are powered by exhaust gases, while superchargers are powered by a belt that is connected to the engine.

Automotive Turbo Repair

Do you need your turbocharger repaired, serviced, upgraded, or even supply a new one? We offer competitive prices on all turbo services. Contact us today!

Furthermore, when doing turbo repairs, our clients often ask us to upgrade their turbochargers during the repair. As this is an ideal opportunity whilst the turbo has already been removed from its application.

However, turbocharger upgrades can be carried out on your existing turbo at an additional cost. To sum up, we are market leaders in hybrid turbo technology, you can be sure that not only will we bring your failed turbocharger back to life.


Most Common Turbocharger Quality Check List

√    Blades free of bends or fractures
√    Rubbing or foreign object induced damage on blade profile
√    Bore area tolerance and finish
√    Nose cone and backface square
√    Back face, balance or wear defects

√    Radial and Axial clearance
√    Freedom of rotation
√    Housing alignment
√    Wastegate setting
√    Gasket and studs
√    Sundry items

√    Slip joint or flange mating surfaces
√    Heat shield & centre housing mating surfaces
√    Scroul and contour crack free
√    Free of heat erosion and scale
√    Threads, studs and clamping surfaces
√    Convolute free of foreign objects

√    Wheel blades for fractures or blade defection
√    Heat erosion on blade tips
√    Shaft journal surfaces
√    Bearing to journal tolerance
√    Piston ring seal area and flinger groove
√    Piston ring to groove tolerance
√    Shaft run-out
√    Shaft wheel balance
√    The square of shaft-step-down and threads

√    All thrust faces free of wear
√    Square of all surfaces
√    Piston ring groove and flinger groove
√    Piston ring to groove tolerance
√    Bore to shaft tolerance

√    Compressor inlet, outlet flanges
√    Bearing housing, backplate mating surface
√    Contour free of gouges
√    Compress wheel to housing contour tolerance
√    Noise baffle secure and free of debris
√    Annual slot free of debris

Upgrading Your Turbocharger

They are many ways you can upgrade your turbocharger for better performance, give us a call today for more information or check possible updates below.

Turbine Wheel Cutback

Turbine Wheel Cutback is a machining process which enables the turbocharger to increase power output by reducing back pressure. This process does remove some blade material from the turbine wheel which normally results in a slight reduction in turbocharger response. If you're unsure of how back pressure influences a turbocharger imagine running a marathon with a finger up your nose!

Porting and polishing the Turbine Housing

Porting and polishing the Turbine Housing helps provide maximum gas flow, thus improving efficiency. It is usually carried out on the turbine housing inlet. Flanges can be gasket-matched if required to optimize flow.

Fitment of a Larger Turbine

Fitment of Larger Compressor Wheel, allows the turbocharger to flow more air. It does this in two ways. - Firstly, the larger turbine wheel can drive the compressor wheel harder resulting in more airflow (more airflow equals more power potential). Secondly, the larger wheel reduces backpressure in much the same way as a Cutback.

Uprated Actuator Turbocharger Fitting

Fitting an Uprated Actuator allows higher boost pressure to be run. The actuator governs when the wastegate opens. A stronger/uprated actuator means the turbocharger will run higher boost, usually equaling more power, before the wastegate opens.

360 degree Thrust Bearing Turbo Fitting

Fitting a 360 degree Thrust Bearing increases the reliability of your turbocharger and allows a safer way of running high boost pressures. The thrust bearing is under heavy pressure when the turbocharger is operating, the larger surface area of a 360 thrust bearing. As opposed to a traditional 270 degree unit, is better equipped to cope with these axial loads.


Restrictors are used in motorsport to "cap" the airflow and therefore, the power a car can produce. At Autonic Turbo Diesel we can machine your turbo to accept a restrictor. Similarly, we also offer restrictors in all the standard sizes so we can supply as well as fit, if required.

Modifying the Compressor Backplates

Modifying the Compressor Backplate allows the fitment of a Larger Compressor Wheel an essential part of the hybrid process.

Twin Seal conversions

Twin Seal conversions pre-date Staggered Gap Piston Rings and are used on older turbochargers where staggered-gap rings are not available. The process involves careful machining of the piston Ringland on the shaft. And the seal bore area of the bearing housing to allow a second piston ring seal to be fitted. This reduces oil weep age on cars with low back pressure exhaust systems or higher than usual crankcase pressure.

Ported Automated Turbo shrouds

Ported shrouds help prevent surge by equalizing air flow on the secondary blades of the compressor wheel. Allowing the turbocharger to cope with higher boost levels at low engine RPM and light throttle loads. A ported shroud conversion will also improve the overall efficiency of the compressor wheel. The existing compressor cover can (potentially) be machined for a ported shroud or a replacement cover with a ported shroud can be supplied.

3 Common Turbo Failure Modes

If you think your vehicle might have a turbo-related problem, do check our contact us for a complete turbo-diagnostic check before you replace it. 

The turbine and compressor wheel assembly can rotate at up to 240000 rpm when in use – that’s 4000 rotations every second. At these speeds, even small components have a lot of inertia (stored energy ready to be released). Consequently, the contact of any dense particles even non-metallic deposits such as carbon. Build up into the internal working of the turbocharger can cause immediate and total failure to the turbo. This is known as a Foreign Object Impact (FOI) failure.

Most modern turbochargers utilise a ‘plain’ bearing system to control the movement of the main shaft. This means that they rely on a film of high-pressure oil to support the shaft, and consequently there is zero contact between the shaft and the housing. The shaft effectively ‘floats’ while it rotates at very high speed. Despite the film of high-pressure oil. The velocity with which the shaft must rotate in a modern turbo to generate the required flow of air (over 240,000 rpm – that’s 4,000 rotations per second !) However, resulting in a very rapid build-up of heat.

Maintaining the quantity of oil to your turbocharger is vitally important in maintaining the performance and longevity of the engine. However, it is equally important to ensure the optimum quality of oil too.

Turbocharger bearing systems are manufactured to high precision, with the dimensions measured to within one micro that’s around 100 times smaller.

With the fine tolerances necessary to obtain such high shaft speeds, and thus the pressures necessary in modern fuel-efficient engines. It comes as no surprise to learn that the lubricating oil must be totally clean and free from contamination, such as:

  • dilution from water, coolant or fuel.
  • metallic particles created through engine wear
  • long-term poor maintenance of the oil and lubrication system.

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